Hertfordshire Full Land Use 2008

Hertfordshire Land Use 2008.
Alternative Title
Land Use 08, FLUID
Dataset Language
English eng.
The dataset shows the land use of Hertfordshire as at 2008. The county has been divided into 30,000 polygons, with categories of land use including Agriculture, Business, Residential and Services etc.
Topic Category
Keyword Value: Planning (town and country)
Originating Controlled Vocabulary: Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV)

Keyword Value: Land use
Originating Controlled Vocabulary: GEMET - INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes (GEMET)
Originating Controlled Vocabulary Citation: 2008-12-05
Temporal Extent
- / 2008-03-31
Dataset Reference Date
Date: 2009
Date Type: Publication
The data is a digitised version of the FLUID database, which was originally created over 30 years ago and from external sources such as aerial photographs and rating lists. Both are being updated in the light of completions data from an annual survey of sites with outstanding planning permission.

IPR: Ordnance Survey
Product: MasterMap
Date: 2013

IPR: Hertfordshire County Council's Intellectual Property Rights
Bounding Coordinates
West Bounding Longitude: -0.76
East Bounding Longitude: 0.22
North Bounding Latitude: 52.10
South Bounding Latitude: 51.58
Hertfordshire County
Vertical Extent
Spatial Reference System
Spatial Reference System: National Grid of Great Britain
Authority Code: GB
Spatial Resolution
Between 1m and 2.5m (OS MasterMap Topography Layer)
Resource Locator
Maps and Geographic Information - Hertfordshire County Council:
Data Format
ESRI/Shape file
Responsible Organisation
Hertfordshire County Council - Corporate GIS Team
Role: Distributor

Information & Monitoring team
Forward Planning Unit
Role: Originator
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Copyright Controlled. Use is subject to licence.
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Licensed under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement;

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Unique Resource Identifier
Landuse 2008
Resource Type
6 dataset
INSPIRE Data Specifications currently unknown and therefor not tested
Specification: -
Degree: -
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Metadata update date
Metadata Language
eng English
Metadata Point of Contact
Hertfordshire County Council - Corporate GIS Team
Review date
Name Long Name Description
Shape Type of Shape
(Value always equals POLYGON)
SiteRef OS grid quadrant followed by 3 digit site number
(Sometimes 2 or more polygons have the same value, but they correspond to a single record in the FLUID database)
SiteType Land use code as used in the FLUID database
(The codes correspond roughly to the Uses Class Order)
SiteArea Area (in sq.metres) contained within the polygon
SitePerimeter Perimeter (in metres) of the polygon
District Name of District Council in which the polygon lies
SiteUse Description of current use of land within the polygon
(this corresponds to a single value, or a grouping of values, of ZSite_type - See More Information)
SubUse Sub-division of SiteUse, again corresponding to a value(s) of SiteType
More Information

SiteType codes and Site Use are as Follows:

AG Agriculture
B Business
B1 Business
B2 Employment/General Industry
B8 Employment/Storage & Distribution
BSG Business
C1 Overnight Accommodation
C2 Residential Institutions
C3 Residential
CSG Community
D1 Non-Residential Institutions
D2I Assembly & Leisure Indoor
D2O Assembly & Leisure Outdoor
DEF Defence
F Forest/Woodland
LSI Assembly & Leisure Indoor - sui generis
LSO Assembly & Leisure Outdoor - sui generis
P Parking
S Service Facilities - Retail & Professional Services
SA Service Facilities - Retail & Professional Services
SSG Service Facilities - Services - sui generis
T Transportation
U Utilities
X Minerals
Z Vacant
'blank' Linear Feature


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