Local Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites
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County Wildlife Sites, Hertfordshire Wildlife Sites
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Local Wildlife Sites are non-statutory sites designated at a county level as being of ecological significance and are recognised in Local Authority development plans. They are a subset of classifications within the Local Records Centre Sites database. The aim of this identification is to protect such sites from land management changes in connection with planning applications, which may lessen their nature conservation interest, and to encourage sensitive management to maintain and enhance their importance. Although LWS have no statutory protection, their importance is recognised in Local Plans and the National Planning and Policy Framework (NPPF), and they are a material consideration in the planning process. The planning and policy guidance that accompanies the NPPF describes them thus:

"Locally designated ‘Local Wildlife Sites’ and ‘Local Geological Sites’ are areas of substantive nature conservation value and make an important contribution to ecological networks and nature’s recovery….National planning policy expects plans to identify and map these sites, and to include policies that not only secure their protection from harm or loss but also help to enhance them and their connection to wider ecological networks".

Paragraph 013 within the Planning Policy Guidance, Natural Environment
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Date: 15/03/2023
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The original Wildlife Sites were extracted from the 1994-97 Habitat Survey by HBRC. Field survey principally by HMWT volunteers & staff, and (pre-2013) HBRC staff. Species Wildlife Sites surveyed by specialist groups. Ongoing identification of Wildlife Sites by the Wildlife Sites Ratification Group (Hertfordshire Ecology (HCC), HERC, HMWT, Natural England). From November 2013, approved site selections/boundary updates digitised using GIS by HERC.

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There are restrictions on some information regarding sensitive species (e.g. bats/badgers) - although many of these sites have now been deleted if found to be a record only.
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Information validated before Wildlife Site identification and ratified by HBRC, HMWT and NE Ratification Group. However criteria have been applied with varying degrees of strictness and Wildlife Site criteria has changed over time and sites have not been retrospectively reviewed to see if they meet current criteria.
All records have a unique filecode reference name - site descriptions stored in RECORDER.


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