Traffic Count

Traffic Count
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Traffic count sites
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Traffic flow data from count sites in Hertfordshire.
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Traffic counts
from 2005 to 2009
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OS National Grid References
West: 486000 East: 552000 North: 245000 South: 189000
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Spatial Reference System
001 National Grid of Great Britain
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Resource Locator
Webmaps-extra: Location in Hertfordshire
Responsible Organisation
Steve Bayley
Mapping & GIS Officer
Community Information Unit
Corporate Services
Hertfordshire County Council
Role: Distributor

Sue Jackson
Senior Engineer - Traffic Data & Modelling
Transportation Planning & Policy (TPP)
Hertfordshire County Council
Role: Originator
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annually 008
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licence 005
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6 dataset
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2. notConformant
UK Gemini
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English eng
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Amy Malcolm
Trainee GIS Analyst
Community Information Unit
Corporate Services
Hertfordshire County Council
Tel : 01992 555248
Review date
Annually (in August)
Name Long Name Description
Countsite Site No. The site number
Location Location Description of the location
AAWD2009 AAWD 2009 Patched annual average week day traffic flow for 2009
AAWD2008 AAWD 2008 Patched annual average week day traffic flow for 2008
AAWD2007 AAWD 2007 Patched annual average week day traffic flow for 2007
AAWD2006 AAWD 2006 Patched annual average week day traffic flow for 2006
AAWD2005 AAWD 2005 Patched annual average week day traffic flow for 2005

Annual Average Weekday Flow (AAWD)

The deseasonalised average traffic flow (two way) representing the typical volume of vehicles passing a count site between 0600 hours and 2200 hours on a weekday. This is roughly equivalent to AADT. Since the AAWD excludes those periods of the week more likely to be affected by 'unusual' events (eg short term roadworks, public gatherings, car boot sales), it is believed to provide a more reliable average when counts are conducted once or twice a year at a particular site.

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