Early Years Settings

Private and Voluntary Early Years Settings
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PVI, EY, Nursery, Early Years Schemes, 3 and 4 year old scheme, Pre-Schools, Day Nursery, Childminders
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This file includes all Private and Voluntary (i.e. not the maintained nursery classes) providers of care to 2 - 5 year old (Nursery age) children, who have signed up to the Government's Scheme to provide 15 hours of Free Early Education.
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from 2008 to 2014-01
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Date: 2014-01-30
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File Originally Created for a piece of work on the up take of the Early Years Funding Scheme. Included all Nursery Settings (including a copy of the maintained Nursery Schools and Nursery Classes).
Settings were located via Addresses and individual telephone conversations with the managers in order to describe their surroundings.

Updated and fields defined in 2012 due to PVI settings being added to the Nursery Online Admissions System (NOLA), and the public needing to be able to see where they were before applying - Maintained Nursery Classes Removed so as to only hold Maintained School Information in the HCC Schools file.

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Information about Nursery Admissions on
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Name Long Name Description
GIS_EY_ID GIS ID The Unique Reference Number for the setting (over time both the NEG No and the Evince Number had been the URN, but due to mistakes in Evince they no longer are)
OFSTED_URN Ofsted The Number the setting has registered with Ofsted
NEG_ID NEG ID Nursery Education Grant Registration Number (Now called Free Education Funding) - a setting will get this in order to get the funding as part of the scheme
DFE_ID DFE ID The Registration number used by the Department for Education forthe setting if it is a school (should now be null for most PVIs - used when data contained Maintained Nurseries)
EVINCE_ID eVince ID The record number within the Evince system for the setting
HCC_Sch_No School Number The number used by HCC for the school - will be null for any PVI setting
SCHEMETYPE Type Of Setting Day Nursery, Pre-School Playgroup, Childminder or Nursery Unit of Independent Schools
EY_NAME Name Name of Setting
NEAR_PCODE Postcode Due to being in Village Halls and Scout Huts, not all providers will have a valid Postal Address - this is the postcode for the nearest addressable building
EASTING Easting The six figure OS co-ordinate
NORTHING Northing The six figure OS co-ordinate
WEB_LABEL Short Name The Name Used on the Webmaps in order to make all viewable
Address Setting Address Descriptive Address of the setting
URL Website The Setting's Website
Telephone Telephone Telephone Number for any information about the setting
District District The District (or OUT OF COUNTY) that the setting is within
CCA_Code Children's Centre Area The Code for the Children's Centre area that the school falls within
CHILD_CENT Children's Centre The name of the Children's centre who supports the school
Fund_2yrs 2 year old Funding Scheme Does the Setting offer Free Education Places to 2 year olds
Fund_3or4 3 or 4 year old Funding Scheme Does the Setting offer Free Education Places to 3 and 4 year olds (the original scheme)
OSGB36 National Grid Bounding Coordinates
West: 486000 East: 552000 North: 245000 South: 189000
More Information

This list comes from Evince the Childcare system used by the Early Years Team.


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Change History

File Updated for the start of the admissions process due to settings joining and leaving the schemes.