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Historic Landfill
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Under the Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995 Local Planning Authorities have to consult with the Environment Agency about all applications they receive to develop land within 250 metres of landfill sites (including any land that has been used as a landfill site within the past 30 years or is likely to be used as one in the near future).
The Historic Landfill dataset was created to help fulfil our statutory responsibility to Local Planning Authorities by supplying information on the risks posed by landfill sites for development within 250m. The data is the most comprehensive and consistent
national historic landfill dataset and defines the location of, and provides specific attributes for, known historic (closed) landfill sites,
i.e. sites where there is no PPC permit or waste management licence currently in force. This includes sites that existed before the waste licensing regime and sites that have been licensed in the past but where this licence has been revoked, ceased to exist or surrendered and a certificate of completion has been issued.
Historic Landfill includes all relevant historic information for the sites that both local authorities and the Environment Agency have collected over the years. The data is available in ESRI shape file format, with the boundaries digitised from a base scale of 1:10,000 and an associated attribute table comprising 34 fields.
The polygons and attributes describe where the sites were located, when they were used, who used them and what was deposited. This means there are name and address fields, licensee and operator information, licence issue and surrender dates, first and last input dates, and waste types, together with some historical comments.
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from -2008-06-13 to -2021-05-05
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Date:1948-01-01 -2021-05
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Initially based on the information gathered from Environment Agency region and area offices including hard copy data (scans of documents etc) and GIS layers.
Extra data from the Local Authorities was then included also including hard copy and GIS data.
Two previously undertaken projects with the same aim (of finding all Historic Landfills in England &Wales) also provided hard copy and GIS data.
These were a project done by the Water Resources Council and another by the British Geological Survey in the early 1970's.
Finally the data is updated from those sites closing and removed from the Authorised Landfill dataset (whose source is REGIS and PAS).
Hertfordshire County + 5km
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OSGB36 - National Grid of Great Britain
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