Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings
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The word 'listing' is a short-hand term used to describe one of a number of legal procedures which help English Heritage to protect the best of our architectural heritage. A listed building is one that is placed on the statutory list of buildings of 'special architectural or historic interest' compiled by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, on advice from English Heritage.

It is worth noting that structures that might not be first thought of as "buildings" such as railings, gates, war memorials and post boxes can also appear on the system.
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Environment, society
Heritage, Listed Buildings
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from 2004-03-09 to 2007
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Original spatial information extracted from HSIS, These spatial references - Ordnance Survey National Grid References (NGR) - were captured using a variety of techniques, including address matching software, acquisition from local authorities and heads up digitising with reference to the original mapped record. Textual information extracted from Listed Building System.
Bounding Coordinates
West Bounding Longitude: -9.33
East Bounding Longitude: 2.70
North Bounding Latitude: 60.79
South Bounding Latitude: 49.77
West Bounding Longitude: -0.76
East Bounding Longitude: 0.22
North Bounding Latitude: 52.10
South Bounding Latitude: 51.58
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Vertical Extent
Spatial Reference System
OSGB36 - National Grid of Great Britain
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Webmaps-extra: Location in Hertfordshire
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Steve Bayley
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Hertfordshire County Council
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National Monuments Record Centre
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English Heritage External Website
Listed Buildings - Heritage Protection
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Coupled Resource
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UK Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV)
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Amy Malcolm
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Hertfordshire County Council
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Name Long Name Description
LB_ID NUMBER EH assigned Unique reference number (6 figure number)
NAME NAME Name of Building
STREET_NUM STREET_NUMBER Number of Building on street, where appropriate
STREET_NAM STREET_NAME Name of street on which Building is located, where appropriate
DATE_OF_EN DATE_OF_ENTRY Date the Listed Building was enteredonto the Register
GRADE GRADE The main current grading system in descending order of importance is Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II. Some ecclesiastical monuments still have the older letter grading system A, B, C in descending order of importance. Some monuments may carry the grading code NG which denote buildings that are awaiting the assigning of a grade. DL denotes that the building has been de-listed.
CAPTURE_SC CAP_SCALE Scale at which the spatial representation of that listed building was captured at.
EASTING EASTING Centroid Easting
AREA_Ha AREA_Ha Area of the polygon in Hectares (Only in the polygon dataset)
OSGB36 National Grid Bounding Coordinates
West: 486000 East: 552000 North: 245000 South: 189000
More Information
It is worth noting that structures that might not be first thought of as "buildings" such as railings, gates, war memorials and post boxes can also appear on the system. Listing is not intended to fossilise a building. A building's long-term interests are often best served by putting it to good use, and if this cannot be the one it was designed for, a new use may have to be found. Listing ensures that the architectural and historic interest of the building is carefully considered before any alterations, either outside or inside, are agreed. We select listed buildings with great care. The main criteria used are:
"architectural interest": all buildings which are nationally important for the interest of their architectural design, decoration and craftsmanship; also important examples of particular building types and techniques, and significant plan forms.
"historic interest": this includes buildings which illustrate important aspects of the nation's social, economic, cultural or military history.
"close historical association with nationally important buildings or events"
"group value":where buildings comprise an important architectural or historic unity or are a fine example of planning (such as squares, terraces and model villages).

Listed buildings are graded to show their relative importance: Grade I buildings are those of exceptional interest, Grade II* are particularly important buildings of more than special interest, Grade II are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.

It has been noted that some of the National Grid References for Listed Buildings are incorrect (particularly in Kent and Hampshire) and an ongoing programme of fault reporting and enhancement is in place.


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