Unsafe Designated Route 2008

Unsafe Designated Route 2008
Alternative Title
DR, DR2008Unsafe, DR_2008_Unsafe
Dataset Language
HCC Admissions Designated Routes - Routes designated as 'Unsafe'.
Topic Category
Keyword Value: School admissions, Safer routes to school
Originating Controlled Vocabulary: Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV)
Originating Controlled Vocabulary Citation: Version 2.00 - 2006-05-23

Keyword Value: Utility and governmental services
Originating Controlled Vocabulary: GEMET - INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes (GEMET)
Originating Controlled Vocabulary Citation: 2008-12-05
Temporal Extent
from 2009-02 to 2009-11-04
Dataset Reference Date
Originally based on the OS ITN network, now with several modifications.
Corporate GIS Team maintain the different networks in the Tribal School Admissions System using ESRI ArcMap and then provide all the different networks in MapInfo format. CSF Central Team processes them to be used in Tribal.

IPR: Ordnance Survey
Product: ITN MasterMap
Date: 2013

IPR: Hertfordshire County Council's Intellectual Property Rights
Bounding Coordinates
West Bounding Longitude: -0.76
East Bounding Longitude: 0.22
North Bounding Latitude: 52.10
South Bounding Latitude: 51.58
Vertical Extent
Spatial Reference System
OSGB36 - National Grid of Great Britain
Spatial Resolution
Resource Locator
Maps and Geographic Information - Hertfordshire County Council:
ESRI/Shape file, MI/Tab
Responsible Organisation
Hertfordshire County Council - Corporate GIS Team
Role: Resource Provider, Custodian, Owner, Distributor, Originator, Point of Contact, Processor, Publisher, Author.

Craig Waggett
ICT Support Analyst
Corporate Services
Hertfordshire County Council
Role: Custodian

Stacey Harriott
Research and Information Officer
Schools Admissions & Transport
Children, Schools and Families
Hertfordshire County Council
Role: User, Principle Investigator
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Licensed under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement;

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Spatial Data Service Type
Coupled Resource
Resource Type
6 dataset
Metadata Date
Metadata Language
English eng
Metadata Point of Contact
Hertfordshire County Council - Corporate GIS Team
Review date
Name Long Name Description
Roadlinkto RoadlinkTOID: OS ITN TOID - as Arcs have been split this is NOT unique.
RoadLabel Name or Road number where known, ITN and comment where name/number not known. HCCDR or Bridge for HCC edits.
Date Date edit made
RecNo Unique ID randomly generated by HCC after each edit. Not consistent between versions.
Herts Boolean flag indicates if arc is within Hertfordshire.
Unsafe Boolean flag indicates if arc is unsafe.
Length Arc length in meters, generated by HCC after each edit session.
Shape_Length Arc length in meters, generated by ArcMap after each edit.
OSGB36 National Grid Bounding Coordinates
West: 486000 East: 552000 North: 245000 South: 189000
More Information

Although the Unsafe Route network is not used in the Tribal School Admissions System, and is currently only a referece file, there are several networks used in the school admissions process:

  • The Designated Route - used for allocating school places.
    Designated route distances are stored against the preferences.
  • Safe route network - used for 'normal' transport measurements.
    This network is derived from our designated route network, with all parts of the designated route network marked as 'unsafe' removed.
    Safe route network distances are stored against the preference > transport eligibility tab > safe walking distance
  • ITN_Admissions - used for low income transport.
    ITN distances are stored against the preference > transport eligibility tab > road distance



Change History

09 Feb 2009: 438 sections marked as unsafe.
24 Feb 2009: 1 section marked as unsafe. Connectivity errors fixed. New DR added & deleted as requested by Andrew Robinson.
16 Apr 2009: This file first exported from DR_2008.
22 Apr 2009: 15 sections marked as unsafe.
09 Sept2009: Annual (ITN based) maintainance, CSF revision & some ad-hoc revision.
22 Oct 2009: CSF revision as requested by Stacey Harriott.
04 Nov 2009: 13 sections marked as unsafe. Requested by Stacey Harriott.