Children's Centres

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CC, childcnt
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There are 82 Children's Centre areas in Hertfordshire.
Children's Centres have been set up so that parents have a place where they can access information and support with child-related issues.
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from 2008-04 to 2012-06
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Date: 2012-06-22
Date Type: Revision
This file has undergone several revisions since it was first created.
Originally, only the intial six centres were recorded.
The file was then updated so that a record for each of the future centres was included (located at 0,0). This was so that other information, such as the Lead Agency and Postal Address, could be contained in one place.
While the postal address was an important piece of data, the centres have always been shown at the locations that they would eventually be at, whether or not there was an existing building (with or without a post box).

Before March 2012, the centres were located either using OS AddressPoint, or the HCC "Schools" shapefile, regardless of whether the centre was based in a separate building to the main school.
The address given was either the AddressPoint's Royal Mail Address or one given by the CSS Team.

In March 2012 the file was recreated.
The Location of each Children's Centres was checked and the location description used was taken from publically available information (in most places the centre's website). This information was used to map the centres using OS CodePoint Open data. The point was then moved to the correct building, either using Steetview or the 2010 Aerial Photography.

IPR: Ordnance Survey
Product: StreetView
Date: 2012

IPR: Geoperspectives
Product: Aerial Photography 2010
Date: 2012

IPR: Hertfordshire County Council's Intellectual Property Rights
Bounding Coordinates
West Bounding Longitude: -0.76
East Bounding Longitude: 0.22
North Bounding Latitude: 52.10
South Bounding Latitude: 51.58
Vertical Extent
Spatial Reference System-
OSGB36 - National Grid of Great Britain
Spatial Resolution
1 metre (snapped to addresspoint)
Resource Locator
Maps and Geographic Information - Hertfordshire County Council:
ESRI/Shape file, ESRI/SDE
Responsible Organisation
Hertfordshire County Council - Corporate GIS Team
Role: Distributor

Amelia Malcolm
Mapping & GIS Officer
GIS Team
Corporate Services
Hertfordshire County Council
01992 555248
Role: Resource Provider, Originator, Point of Contact, Processor, Author

Caroline Swindells
ICS Strategy Manager (Children's Centres)
Integrated Children's Services (0-13)
Children Schools and Families Service
Hertfordshire County Council
01992 555795
Role: Custodian, Owner, User, Point of Contact, Principle Investigator
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Hertfordshire Children's Centres on
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Coupled Resource
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6 dataset
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Hertfordshire County Council - Corporate GIS Team
Review date
Name Long Name Description
CODE Code Code of the area the Children's Centre is responsible for
Child_Cent Children' Centre Name The name of the Area is the most recent for the centre/area
CC_ADDRRESS Children's Centre Address The location of the Children's Centre - or the location that it will be built at. Wherever possible this will be the Postal Address given by the Post Office
POSTCODE Postcode The postcode of the Children's Centre Location
EASTING - Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference Eastings (6 figures / 1m)
NORTHING - Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference Northings (6 figures / 1m)
in_own_area - A Couple of the Centres share a building, and this means that not every centre is located within their own area - this is important to remember when using Data Driven Pages
CC_ALIAS Centre Alias Name for the Children's Centre without "Children's Centre", used for naming purposes
CCA_ALIAS Area Alias This is the original description of the Area, where it really is - at one point this was the "Name" (e.g. Bishop's Stortford Centrals Children's Centre is now called Windhill Children's Centre)
CC_ALT_CODE Alternaltive Code This is the Code field, with leading zeros before the number, so that the data can be sorted easily
URL Website Location of the Centre's Website
OSGB36 National Grid Bounding Coordinates

West: 486000 East: 552000 North: 245000 South: 189000
More Information


CSF Webmaps-extra Viewer
Available to see in the public facing Webmaps on Herts Direct.

Change History

(Unless stated, all changes made by Amelia Malcolm.)

This file replaces an exiting file containing 6 Children's Centres, with added fields containing more information

Changed NH7 York Road to Phase 2
Changed WH3 (WGC NE) to Phase 3
Moved Galley Hill Children's Centre from Rossgate Primary to new Galley Hill Primary School
Updated file w.r.t. Phase 3 Lead Agencies

Minor Changes

All Sorts Children's Centre Added

Orchard Children's Centre Added

Tenterfield Children's Centre and the Arc Children's Centre Added
Chestnut Tree Children's Centre moved to Radburn Way

General updates made

10 location changes made, due to real moves of centre and/or new AddressPoints being created nearby to guessed location
18 New centres
Several information fields updated for clarity and to ensure correct Royal Mail Postal Address
edit_date, edit_type and schsite_no fields added to table for analysis purposes

2009 - 2011
General Updates

The Children's Centre file was given a complete overhaul.
All the locations pinpointed using OS Open Data (Contact Amy for detailed "how mapped" information ).
Field Information Updates: Code changed to to CC_Code, ALIAS to CCA_Alias and ALT_CODE to CC_ALT_CDE for clarity when working with other datasets.
ADDR_INFO and POST_ADRES fields both removed - the only address given is now that one publically available on the web.
PHASE and LEAD_AGENCY information removed as no longer relevant. All previous Work In Progress Mapping Information also removed.
in_own_area and CC_ALIAS fields added.

St Albans Children's Centre moved to St Alban's Medical Centre ahead of their physical move in August.