Disclaimer for data held by HCC

Guarantee and Warranty

This data is supplied without guarantee or any warranty as to the accuracy, currency or completeness, and is provided as is, excluding any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, to the fullest extent permitted by law, including (but not limited to) satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose.

Data may have been generalised and may not exactly represent the location of the features. What appears to be a single symbol on the map may represent Multiple features at the same point.

Please see the metadata on specific datasets for more detailed information.

Quality, Accuracy and Precision of Geographic Information

GIS provides Users with the ability to use and manipulate data in ways not possible before; this raises issues about data that were not such a problem in the past. Demand is increased for a greater range of data at a higher level of accuracy and precision.

GIS makes data inaccuracies visible in ways not possible by other means. ArcMap and Webmaps-extra have powerful display features that allow the user to control the appearance according to any attribute data. Therefore not only is the geographical accuracy or inaccuracy clearer, but other attributes can be analysed and inaccuracies in the information itself become more obvious.

It is essential that users understand the quality and completeness of the data and that the data is used responsibly. It is important that the metadata is read before the decision as to whether to use the data or not is taken.