Health and Community Services In Hertfordshire

(Several separate layerfiles are created from querying this one datset)

Care Services of interest to the Health and Community Services Department
Alternative Title
ACSSites09; AllHCSServices; HCS_CurrentPlanned
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This file contains most of the Heath and Community services (both current and planned) across the county, both those provided by the Council's Health and Community Services Department and Private and Voluntary Services that may support our citizens.
(There is no way for Hertfordshire County Council's Health and Community Services Department to know about all of the care services that may be provided by private organisations in the county.)

This file has been created as a way to organise the many different services that may work across different sites, as well as the sites from which several services may run.
The services that have been recorded include: Each of these resource types have different specifications and categories (please see full information below), and these may or may not be broken down to different layers in the HCS viewer.

Care services have been categorised as looking after different needs by the ACS Commissioning Team, Mark Janes and Geoff Sharpe. Each site can cater for more than one need.
Topic Category
Keyword Value(s): Care; Care assessment; Care for disabled people; Care for Older People; Day Care Centres;Lunch Clubs (Older People); Learning Disabilities Support; Home Care; Respite Care; Residential Homes
Originating Controlled Vocabulary: Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV)
Originating Controlled Vocabulary Citation: Version 2.00 - 2006-05-23

Keyword Value:Utility and governmental services
Originating Controlled Vocabulary: GEMET - INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes (GEMET)
Originating Controlled Vocabulary Citation: 2008-12-05
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Date: 2013-03-11
Date Type: Revision
This file in the result of a project requested by Emergency Planning in order to map all of the care services in Hertfordshire. The file contains information from several different sources which has been manipulated into a flat file in order to make classification selections possible.

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Please note that each record has got its own metadata giving information about when and how it was located and who provided the original information
Bounding Coordinates
West Bounding Longitude: -0.76
East Bounding Longitude: 0.22
North Bounding Latitude: 52.10
South Bounding Latitude: 51.58
Extent: Hertfordshire
Authority Code: GB-HRT
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Spatial Reference System: National Grid of Great Britain
Authority Code: GB
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100 metre
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Name of Format: ESRI/Shape file
Version of the Format: - NOT APPLICABLE -
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Hertfordshire County Council - Corporate GIS Team
Role: Distributor

Amelia Malcolm
Mapping & GIS Officer
GIS Team
Corporate Services
Hertfordshire County Council
01992 555248
Role: Resource Provider, Originator, Point of Contact, Processor, Author

(For more information please see the names for each of the service types below)
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Specification Date: 2008-12-04
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Data Specifications for Annex 2 and 3 not confirmed
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Amy Malcolm
Trainee GIS Analyst
GIS Team
Corporate Services
Hertfordshire County Council
Tel: 01992 555248
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Please see spreadsheet here
OSGB36 National Grid Bounding Coordinates
West: 486000 East: 552000 North: 245000 South: 189000
More Information

While only Mark Janes is given as contact above, the sites are compiled from separate lists with several custodians involved

Day Opportunities
Day Opportunties in Hertfordshire are Organised by both the Community Support Teams and Community Wellbeing Teams.

FAC Day Opportunites

The records for these services are updated by Dee Millar.
They can be classified in several ways -
Care Category: Older People, Learning Disabilities or Physical Disabilites,
or by
Service Type: Horticultural Centre, Day Centre, Head Office or Horticultural and Employmnent Centre
or by
Funding Type: In House or Private and Voluntary

Preventative Day Services

The records for these services are updated by Susan Carter.
They can be classified in several ways -
Funding Type: Communitty Wellbeing Funded or Non HCC Funded
or by
Service Type: Day Centre, Lunch Club, Leisure and Social Service, Head Office or Work Experience
or by
Care Category: Older People, Learning Disabilities or Physical Disabilites

Day Opportunities for Mental Health
The records for these services are updated by Tracy Webber


( Please not that only those services whose information is deemed to be up-to-date is currently being shown in the viewer)

The person in overall charge of the Accomodation service records is Geoff Sharpe.

Care Homes
Care Homes for Older People
The records for these services are updated by Laura Young.
Care Homes for People with Learning Disabilities
The records for these services are updated by Lee Parker.

Supported Living
The records for these services are updated by Laura Young.

The records for these services are updated by Laura Young.


In the HCS Viewer

Change History

This file is continually being updated, however as of 2012 the file format should be reasonably static.

(This file replaces the original separate files, ACS Day Services, VSC Day Services, ACS Supported Living & Repite Sites, Private & Voluntary Supported Living & Repite Sites and CQC Homes)

Updates (additions) to the Non Funded Preventative Day Services.
'New Newhaven' re-named 'Jubilee Court'